Robyn Stapleton

Fickle Fortune (CD)



01.The Two Sisters
02. Bruach Na Carraige Báine
03. The Shuttle Rins
04. Blue-Eyed Nancy
05. Maccrimmon’s Lament
06. Bonnie Woodhall
07. Jock Hawk’s Adventures in Glasgow
08. Noran Water
09. Willie O’ Winsbury
10. What a Voice
11. Skippin’ Barfit
12. The Lads That Were Reared Amang Heather

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Product Description

This much anticipated debut album, is a collection Scottish and Irish traditional folk songs in the Scots, English and Gaelic language. Fickle Fortune is the theme that runs throughout the album: stories of twists of fate and changing fortune. From lively and spirited arrangements to sensitively accompanied ballads and unaccompanied laments, Fickle Fortune captures the range, depth and beauty of the tradition.